Two years after

6 oversize prints at the two artist show at
Track 16, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
November, 2010

Press Release: Two fascinating and complementary portraits of the same phenomenon, “Two years after…” is a disturbing trip into the dark sides of the American Dream. Last summer, Angelino photographers Marc Valesella and Lena Herzog took the road towards opposite directions: Herzog went to Washington DC to document the Restore Honor Rally, while Valesella captured Arizona’s SB 1070 protests. They both had the same idea in mind: to document political rallies, as a symptom of the peculiar social and political climate that defines our present, two years after the historic election.
“When I see that nigger go up Airforce One, my stomach turns,” I heard behind me. I turned around and I saw two ordinary people.”
— Lena Herzog