BAILWICK // Conversation with John Bailey, ASC (The American Society of Cinematographers)

There was an electrical power blackout the day that seventeen-year-old Elena Pisetski first encountered a collection of jarred fetuses in the galleries of St. Petersburg’s Kunstkamera Palace, where an eerie light seeped in from the windows. Pisetski was a student at the university’s Philology Faculty located on the embankment of the Neva River, next door to the beautiful aquamarine-colored mansion housing the scientific specimens of Dr. Frederik Ruysch.(...)

Lena Herzog’s “Lost Souls” (Audio Slideshow)

Photographer Lena Herzog’s book Lost Souls features images of wunderkammern – encyclopedic collections of “wonders and curiosities” created in the 16th and 17th centuries. These collections included paintings, sculptures, tools, plants, and anatomical specimens alike. At the time, art and science were not viewed as entirely separate disciplines, and another name for the collections was kunstkammern, or “art rooms.” Often arranged in artistic tableaux, wunderkammern were precursors to the modern museum in their attempt to catalog and understand the world (...)